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Who runs the show? Simple; you do!

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Who runs the show? Simple; you do! Empty Who runs the show? Simple; you do!

Post  Admin Mon 02 May 2016, 16:45

The Sheffield Board Games Club is not run by anyone single person. It is run by the members for the members.

To make things easier there is a very loose committee (currently organising this forum, the x-mas party, some events, clothing, the club dues, venue space for Tuesday evenings). This is by no means a closed/elite group. There are no annual meetings, no-one gets any money out of it, we won't bombard you with emails/information etc.  If you want more input into the club or feel strongly about something - let your voice be heard - and we can add you to this list. The current 'committee' consists of (in alphabetical username order)

Aneurin - Our longest standing and possibly grumpiest member; he has been around since the start (setup the forum etc) and will argue that black is white if you let him. Talk to him about Venues, Club discounts, Euros and Pork Scratchings. He also messes around on Twitter a bit.

Karl - Another Euro lover. Current holder of the club kitty - any ideas on what to spend the club funds on he is your man. Also if you have faced any problems at the club he will answer your concerns.

Lizzy - Android and X-wing are her thing. But she will also beat you at any Euro! She runs our facebook and twitter accounts. She also organises the Sunday Sessions at the Red Deer. A good point of contact if you have faced any problems at the club; she will answer your concerns.  

PaulyC - Our first Paul (does that make him the most important?); he loves all things kickstarter. If you want to back a game - ask him first as he probably already has and you can play his copy. He is now mascaraing as one of the two club librarians. Ask him if there is a game you would like to borrow or see the club invest in.

PaulyG - Our voice of reason. He will play pretty much any game. Probably has the largest collection of games out of the above. Has a fantastic taste in T-shirts and will often be seen in the company of TheatreKat.  

Sam(Psychomansam) - He might be rude but he is also a club librarian (deal with it); want to borrow a club game or request additions to the library speak to him. He enjoys placing all components in zip-lock bags. He also likes Race/Rolling for Galaxies.

Our mission is to be a fun & safe environment for you to play board games together. As such your voice, as one of our members, matters. You are free to organise any events you like and voice your opinion about any particular aspects of the club - The general ramblings section is a good place to start.

Of course - we can't possibly all agree on everything so for any big decisions polling will be used to canvas the opinion of all of our members. Together we should all agree to support the popular vote as a democratic club.

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